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Dozens of people use our cabinets every day! Read all their opinions and their degree of satisfaction...

Luís Dias Souza

Fácil, sencillo y seguro. El mejor depósito de Venecia.

Paul Muench

Ich war besorgt, aber das Depot befindet sich im Zentrum, in einer…

Paolo Torelli

Tutto perfetto. Semplice e sicuro

Filip Fišer

Everything went well. Super 10/10

Eleanor Dostie

Easy, simple and safe. The best depot in Venice

Elga Fallaci

Fantastico. Vicino a Rialto e su una strada principale.

Aubin Berthelette

Pratique et pratique. Hautement recommandé.

Adeline Yates

Cheap easy and safe. What else?

Wei Chien


Yolanda Bezrukova

Удобно и практично. Настоятельно рекомендуется.